Can a New Approach Help Older Persons Confidently Self-Manage Medications?

April 17, 2023




Colleagues with the Minnesota Northstar Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) released an innovative self-paced digital training module with animated case scenarios to help care teams, patients and families confidently self-manage medications. ( A feasibility study was then designed to: 1) Determine if older persons perceive that use of the 4-step process in this training module can help them successfully manage their medications, and 2) Gather preliminary data to assess consistency of the Minnesota Medication Self-Efficacy checklist. ( Presenters will review results from the focus group feasibility study and engage webinar participants in a discussion of strategies and solutions for older adults to use effective self-management to gain confidence in the use of medications.

Click here to view the webinar details and access the free handouts.