Caregiving Research 2020: Eye-Opening National and Minnesota Findings and Trends

October 15, 2020




This two-part presentation will report findings from both national and Minnesota research. Part 1: Caregiving in the US 2020: A closer look at the experiences of caregivers today Family and friends comprise the most basic unit of any society. As the country continues to age, the need to support caregivers as the cornerstone of society will only become more important. Caregiving in the U.S. 2020 presents a portrait of unpaid family caregivers today. The presentation will provide a brief summary of the prevalence of caregiving, demographic characteristics, intensity and duration of care, the well-being of caregivers, the financial impact of family caregiving on caregivers themselves, and the degree to which technology supports caregivers today. Part 2: COVID 19 Challenges to Caregiving and Caregivers in Minnesota Family caregivers, whether providing care to their family members in their home, in the community or in long-term care facilities, have experienced enormous changes during COVID-19. The second part of this webinar will describe preliminary findings from an ongoing Minnesota-based study of family caregiving during the global pandemic. Some themes that will be discussed include the concerns of family caregivers during the pandemic, barriers caregivers face in providing care during COVID-19 and strategies for overcoming these barriers, caregiver’s perceptions about care provided to their loved ones during the pandemic, and thoughts of caregivers regarding the changing safety restrictions.

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