Electronic Monitoring in LTC in Minnesota and Allowable Compassion Care Visits

July 15, 2020



Electronic Monitoring This presentation will describe Minnesota’s new electronic monitoring law, applicable in certain long-term care settings. This law was the result of extensive stakeholder negotiations and compromises. It provides the right to electronic monitoring, subject to certain obligations such as submitting a form to the long-term care provider. Compassion Care Visits Visitor restrictions remain in place for long-term care settings. Recently new outdoor visit guidance was issued by the MDH yet does not change the fact that no visitors are allowed inside the setting with one exemption for “compassion care visits”. Human contact is necessary for the health and well-being of all people. Compassionate care visits are visits necessary for the health and well-being of a resident. This session will explore the definition of compassion care visits, the benefits, and the challenges residents experience during the pandemic.

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