Medical Cannabis in Minnesota–Thoughts for Those Who Work with Seniors

July 22, 2019



Whether you’re for it, against it, or decidedly undecided, the reality is that the legalization of marijuana — both for medicinal and recreational purposes — is on the rise. One less-than-likely segment of the population picking up in their usage of medical marijuana? The 65-and-older set. This webinar will present an overview and update of how the Minnesota Medical Cannabis program functions, who is eligible, and important contraindications to consider for older patients. In 2014 the Minnesota legislature created a process allowing seriously ill Minnesotans to use medical cannabis to treat certain conditions, and starting in August 2019, Alzheimer’s Disease will be added as a qualifying condition. While the anecdotal evidence is strong for the use of medical marijuana and CBD for pain control, anxiety, cancer, etc., the status of research has been limited under federal law and there are few studies addressing how it affects the older population.

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