Senior Nutrition in 2023

January 11, 2023



During the COVID-19 pandemic, meal programs including home-delivered meals and food shelf usage, proved a lifeline for older adults. These programs saw a dramatic increase in demand. In many cases, the services reached low-income individuals who had not used these services before. In Minnesota, to support the increased need, an influx of emergency and stimulus federal funds increased spending on senior nutrition. This funding made it possible to serve older adults who are above strict eligibility limits for meals under Medicaid or the Elderly Waiver/Alternative Care programs. In addition to being primarily low-income, these adults have limitations in their ability to shop for groceries and make meals. Much of the expansion in meals has been for older adults with life-threatening chronic conditions and for immigrant communities. The pandemic revealed significant unmet needs, which have not receded as both the pandemic and stimulus funds recede. This presentation will feature a discussion on this coming tipping point in the growing challenge of providing senior nutrition support in MN. Community panelists will review the current state in Jan 2023; discuss specific examples of pinch points and opportunities for investment and outline initial action steps to address and impact the current state.

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